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In a Driverless Car Crashes Who Is Accountable for The Damages

Imagine a car equipped with driverless technology is going down the street and an elderly person (visible with human eyes that he/she is older but not with the technology) is trying to use the crosswalk. Sadly also imagine that driverless car cannot stop in time.

The technology in the car (or whoever initially programmed it) must make a very life changing decision. Should it hit the older pedestrian?

Should it veer off and perhaps injure more people, younger people, toddlers in strollers, or into other vehicles? This might sound really dark situation but can happen. Regardless of the choices, how do you place fault? Is the technology at fault? Is the driver at fault? How about the developer of the software? These days the technology driven cars or driverless cars are making the headlines across the nation. They are very perplexing to legal minds and the policy makers. As more technology driver cars are involved in car accident with passenger injuries, policy makers must react.

Stop Driverless Cars